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Grant Resources

Obtaining funding through grants is an important source for all tax exempt heritage organizations with collections.  If you are responsible for a collection owned or maintained by an institution, a public or private non-profit organization, or if you believe your collection may be of historical, cultural, or artistic significance, funding may be available through any number of Private or Public Foundations. West Lake Conservators can help you identify some grant opportunities and assist by reviewing your draft application.  Many of our clients have taken advantage of these funds to catalog, restore, and preserve their collections.

There are multiple programs available from a variety of sources including:

Some require matching funds and others do not. Additional funding resources can be found through the GHHN Grant Opportunities webpage.

West Lake Conservators may be able to help you by:

  • Discussing the details of your collection and providing guidance on locating and obtaining appropriate grants
  • Reviewing and editing your applications for completeness/relevance
  • Grant writing support

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