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Workshops & Lectures

Methods and techniques continue to evolve and improve for conservators. West Lake Conservators participates in the education of practitioners and students of historic art objects, as well as history and art lovers, by periodically conducting workshops and providing informational lectures. These workshops and lectures contribute to the growing body of knowledge in the field of historic art conservation and have been conducted at the lab, industry conferences, universities, and museums. A sample of workshops organized and sponsored by West Lake Conservators is shown below.

  • “Modular Cleaning Workshop with Chris Stavroudis” – Chris Stavroudis & Nina Roth Wells, November 2-5, 2009
  • “Structural Problem Solving for Paintings on Canvas: Thinking it Through” – Vishwa Raj Mehra & Matteo Rossi Doria, September 2007
  • “Recovery of Wet Materials Following a Disaster” –  Barbara Moore & MJ Davis, with Gary Albright & Susan Blakney, December 2005
  • “Italian Approaches to the Structural Conservation of Paintings: Past, Present and Future” – Matteo Rossi Doria, September 2003
  • “BEVA Workshops with Gustav Berger”– August 1993 and Sept. 1994 (held at West Lake Conservators in Skaneateles, New York, international attendance)
  • “Preventive Maintenance & Conservation Workshop for Paintings & Frames: Survival Skills for Limited Budgets”– May 1994

For more information on upcoming workshops and lectures, or educational consultations by any of our multi-disciplinary conservators, please contact us to learn more.