(315) 685-8534 — Skaneateles, New York

Congratulations to staff intern Raphael Shea for being accepted as a 2017 Fall candidate to the Queen’s University Masters of Art Conservation program.  He has been a dedicated pre-program intern at West Lake Conservators since September 2015. With a background in Studio Art, Raphael’s work in children’s book illustration, toy design, carpentry, and winemaking contributed to his desire to fulfill his long time interest of pursuing a career in conservation.

During his internship at West Lake Conservators, Raphael has been exposed to many of the nuances of our profession and several conservation specialties.  He followed and assisted a variety of projects in all our divisions, including painting and mural conservation, paper and photographs, textiles, frame conservation and framing, lending his digital design and carpentry skills to a few unique projects.

All the staff at West Lake Conservators have supported his education goal and will miss him, but remain happy for Raphael’s achievement. We are excited to watch his future career in conservation.