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Textile materials have often been used to create objects that endure as art, artifacts, and family heirlooms. As we seek to record and preserve our cultural identity, our awareness of textiles as collectible artifacts has increased. Christening gowns and wedding dresses, samplers, and quilts serve as connections to a family’s past, and are among our most cherished personal possessions. Flags and banners commemorate our national and local history in a different way, as symbols of civic pride.

Antique textiles are extremely vulnerable due to the organic materials used in their creation and can be further weakened by functional use, repeated cleaning, insects, and improper storage display. The goal of textile preservation is to slow deterioration.

Our cleaning and stabilization techniques paired with individually designed preservation mounting, display, and storage systems will increase an object’s longevity. Conservation techniques may also reduce the appearance of existing damage, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.


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